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Youth suicides, violence: Nunavut community of Pangnirtung calling out for help amid 'sense of desperation'

There's a crisis of violence and suicide in northern Canada according to the remote community of Pangnirtung, which is now begging for help. A letter from the community's council is asking the Nunavut government and RCMP to step in — officials from both organizations will now attend the hamlet's next council meeting.

Teacher still haunted by student's attack

An Ontario teacher is still haunted eight months after an attack by a student left him with lingering pain. He's sharing his story exclusively with CBC News to raise awareness about how the school system isn't properly equipped to handle students with behavioural issues, while also protecting its teachers. The story aired on CBC's The National.

'I don't know where the army is': Flooding evacuees in Gatineau feel left behind

Ashley Burke speaks to a Gatineau resident desperately trying to save his home from flooding. He's one of many flood victims raising concerns about the military response to the crisis in Quebec and is wondering why soldiers didn't come sooner to help with evacuations. The hit aired on CBC News Network.

‘Those are dried maggots’: CBC reporter visits trashed apartment

CBC's Diana Swain interviews reporter Ashley Burke about a city-funded housing program that went horribly wrong. The segment aired on The Investigators, a show that pulls back the curtain on journalism, connecting with the journalists who break big stories.



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